29. November
Waffles, finally!

Schon in Kanada haette ich Waffeln machen koennen, da wir uns aber nie ein Waffeleisen besorgt hatten, war es jetzt endlich soweit. Dementsprechend lecker, war es dann auch mal wieder welche zu essen!


Cause we didn't have a waffle maker in Canada I couldn't make my favourite waffles. Being back home is like living in a kitchen store. My parents for example are having a sandwich maker, juice machine, a deep fryer and the waffle maker. Usually Sunday my mum is baking or is making some goods, and today was my turn making waffles!

26. November
Hi there!

Vier Wochen schon daheim, die Zeit vergeht so schnell!

Mit in dem ersten Wiedersehen von Familie und Freunden, Beantragung von Ausweis, Fuehrerschein etc, und erfolgreicher Suche eines Jobs, hat sich ein neuer Alltag ergeben. Ein bisschen komisch war und es ist trotzdem noch wieder zuhause sein, obwohl alles noch vertraut ist.

Bei den ein oder anderen Sachen merke ich noch wie ich Dinge vergleiche, hinterfrage oder unterschiede zu Situation bewerte die in Kanada anders oder besser waren.


First post from home home! To consider the last four weeks being back home is kinda weird, be grown up and moving back in your children's room is okay for a certain time, but I can not imagine to stay here longterm. Beside that it was great to see my family and friends as far as it possible under the current circumstance, as well with my new part time jobs in a grocery and working for a farmer, I have a new daily life.

For sure I miss the time in Canada but having a plan makes me working forward to it.


Thank you for checking out my blog!

The inital of creating this online diary was a work and holiday program starting in September 2017, in Canada. After leaving the Canadian Westcoast in autumn 2020, I returned back to Germany for nearly two years where I already prepared my time in Japan where I stayed from 2022 October an entire year. After a couple months living in New Zealand I am about to head to new adventures, which I will let you know here on my blog.

You can find short stories and stunning images from the Canadian Westcoast, my hometown in Germany and Japan with its rich culture and delicious food.