30. November

Wir warten gespannt auf Weihnachten ..., es ist wieder soweit die Vorfreude kommt!


From tomorrow on everyone who has an advent kalendar can open everyday until Christmas Eve a door, a bag or a box with a surprise. I used to have an advent kalendar every year when I was younger, the last one I think was in 2015. This year someone else can open everyday a small bag with a new surprise. I'm wondering if she will like it.

22. November
Hello Deer

Und wieder super Wetter bei kälteren Temperaturen.


It's been getting really cold, but with the sun today it's very nice!

13. November
Haribo, Haribo, Haribo, Haribo

Überall Haribo, ab jetzt auch überall zuhause ... :D.


So many Haribo, I guess you can see we have been in an Haribo factory store. With approx. 9 kilo of all various of gummies we are well stocked for the next months!

9. November
"Wild Germany"!


Thank you for checking out my blog!

The inital of creating this online diary was a work and holiday program starting in September 2017, in Canada. After leaving the Canadian Westcoast in autumn 2020, I returned back to Germany for nearly two years where I already prepared my time in Japan where I stayed from 2022 October an entire year. After a couple months living in New Zealand I am about to head to new adventures, which I will let you know here on my blog.

You can find short stories and stunning images from the Canadian Westcoast, my hometown in Germany and Japan with its rich culture and delicious food.