30. Dezember
Athabasca Falls

Sieht wieder super aus! Der Athabasca River fliesst bis nach Jasper und war immer mal wieder auf der Fahrt zu sehen. Den zum Teil eingefrorene Wasserfall zu sehen hatte schon was. Sieht schon anders aus als im Sommer!


Looks great again! The Athabasca River flows all the way to Jasper and could be seen from time to time on the drive. Seeing the partially frozen waterfall was quite nice. Looks a lot different than in summer!

26. Dezember
Ice skating

Would you walk on the frozen ice? Today we just went to two different lakes around Jasper lent some ice skates and enjoyed the views around us. After a couple minutes on the ice I finally got comfortable and could enjoy the time with my friends.

We decided to go on New Years Day again but then probably a different lake!

24. Dezember
Merry Christmas!

Mit der kaelte und vereinzelten Schnee kommt mal so etwas auf wie Weihnachtsstimmung. In Neuseeland mitten im "Winter" fuer mich um die 25 Grad zu haben war zwar schoen aber doch irgendwie komisch :D. Mitten im Nationalpark haelt es sich trotz minus Temperaturen gut aus.


Brrr, it's pretty cold out here but sorrounded with all the nature and mountains it looks wonderful. Coming from New Zealand finally some christmas feelings coming up, that what I have been used to all the years.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

21. Dezember
I am back!

Eher als gedacht bin ich wieder in Kanada! Nach einem langen Flug ueber Vancouver bin ich nun in Calgary!


It's been a while, I think it's been five years already when I came for a long weekend to Calgary. Quite much has changed

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