22. September
Bestes Wetter!

Bestes Wetter fuer eine kleine Radtour, mit allen Mann ging es den Ruhrtalradweg entlang.


Perfect weather for a bike ride! Not far from our place we can bike a long pretty nice river, which is part of a water protection area.

21. September

Immer wieder Lecker, besonders wenn es draussen gekocht wird. Zu dem Gulasch gab es Brot und Bohnensalat.


Thanks to the Hungarian we have delicious meal called goulash, which is pretty famous in Germany. Based on beef, tomate, pepper and onion it will be boiled up to three hours and served with just bread and some salad or with noodle and veggies.

Today we ate it with sliced bread and a green beans salad.

21. September
Border crossing

Roermond, eine kleines schoenes Staedtchen direkt an der Grenze und mit 1 1/2 stunden von uns gut zu erreichen. Und ja wir waren am Outlet Center da wir dort fuer kleines Geld parken konnten!


Border crossing is in Japan kinda difficult, here in Germany we have at least 11 countries where you can cross anytime the border by car as well as without custom or any controlling thanks to the Schengenvisa.

The most closest border from us is the Netherlands, where we went today to Roermond, known for a big outlet shopping center and its small town to explore.

We planned to walk first around the city and passed by the shopping outlet on our way back to the car.

11. September
Last stop

Unser letzter Stopp auf unserer Reise ist Heidelberg.


Our last stop of our journey is Heidelberg! After strolling around the small town and visiting the old castle we finally made it back home.

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